Studio Ghibli Museum - Tokyo, Japan

On January 20th-24th, I traveled to Tokyo to visit the Ghibli Museum and see my friend Emi.

Departing SEA
UA875 departs SEA for NRT

Suite 2A
United First Suite 2A. A very empty flight, it was me and two other people in First Class.

Western Lunch

Obento Dinner

There were two meal services in First, a lunch right after departure and a dinner service prior to arrival in Tokyo.

Lunch was a sushi appetizer with soba noodles, fried scallops, and simmered seaweed. The main course was baked whitefish, steamed rice, and stir-fried chicken and vegetables.

Dinner was a salad and small filet mignon with two scampi.

Dessert choices included an ice cream sundae, green tea ice cream, warm bread pudding with rum sauce, and a cheese and fruit plate.

Tokyo Tower Outside Hotel
Tokyo Tower, as viewed from my room at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Mt. Fuji
I could also see Mount Fuji from my room.

Sensiji Temple
The Sensiji Temple at Asakusa

Asahi Brewery
The Asahi Beer Brewery

Tokyo Waterfront
Tokyo waterfront as viewed from a water taxi

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower

Rainbow Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge

Statue of Liberty
New York City? Actually, the Odawara Water Park.

Rainbow Bridge
Another view of the Rainbow Bridge, this time from Odawara Park.

Tokyo Tower at Night
Tokyo Tower at night.

Roppongi Hills at Night
A view of the Roppongi Hills complex, where my hotel was, at night from the observation deck of Tokyo Tower.

Kichijoji Ginza
Kichijoji Ginza on a Sunday morning.


Mister Donut
Yes John, it's still here after ten years!

MOS Burger
Mountain - Ocean - Sun (MOS) Burger. The best burgers around!

Ghibli Museum Service Entrance
The service entrance to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.

Emi and Yumi
My friend Emi (at right) and her sister Yumi, in front of the Ghibli Museum.

Tickets Please!
Tickets please!

Ghibli Museum
The staircase to the roof.

Ghibli Museum
The view as you make your way to the entrance.

Laputa Robot
There is a life-sized statue of a robot from Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa on the roof.

A model of the levistone control box from Laputa. Also on the roof.

Seat 17A - Business Class - Upper Deck
Many of my frequent-flyer friends have waxed poetic about the wonders of the Upper Deck of the 747-400, so I flew Business Class from Tokyo to San Francisco. I was in Seat 17A, considered one of the best on the plane. This picture was actually taken down on the main deck, since it was almost empty so I wasn't disturbing anyone, but the seat is exactly the same.

While not as nice as the First Suite (it does not recline fully flat), it was still quite comfy. The upper deck was extremely quiet and I actually ended up sleeping for a bit.

Service was excellent and the entrees were the same as First Class. The appetizers were different, as was dessert, but still an excellent meal.

Dinner Service
Dinner in Business Class was an appetizer of spicy vinegar horse mackerel, shrimp with lily root, shiitake mushroom stuffed egg, simmered sweet potato and udon noodles. The main course was silver cod in soy mirin sauce with shimeji mushrooms, vegetables, gingko nuts and steamed rice. Dessert was a double chocolate cake.

Sunrise Over the Pacific
Sunrise over the Pacific. We were North and East of the Hawaiian Islands.

Golden Gate Bridge
A view of the Golden Gate Bridge on arrival into San Francisco. Marin County is to the left. Unfortunately, the city itself as well as Alcatraz and Angel Islands were completely covered in clouds, as you can see the edge of the cloudbank to the right of the San Francisco side of the bridge.

Arriving SFO
Arriving at San Francisco on UA838.

On Final to Seattle
Arriving at Seattle from San Francisco.