2004 London Doo - London, United Kingdom

On November 12th-13th, I visited London to have dinner with some friends and do some sightseeing.

Departing SFO
UA 954 departing San Francisco (SFO) for London (LHR). As a bonus, the usual 777-222ER was replaced with a 747-422.

United First Suite
This is the United First Suite in it's "bed" configuration.

Dinner and Breakfast
Meal: Dinner
(Appetizers) Crab cakes with chive cream sauce, Beef and Parma ham with grilled red and yellow bell peppers. (Salad) Seasonal greens with sauteed shrimp with garlic and croutons. Roquefort or Chinese seasame dressing. (Main Course) Filet mignon with wild mushroom cream sauce. Chicken saltimbocca with Parma ham, artichoke and caper sauce w/ garlic mashed potatos and green beans.                                                                                 (Dessert) Häagen-Dazs ice cream with sundae toppings.

Meal: Breakfast
Quiche Lorraine filled with bacon, Gruyere cheese and custard. Seasonal fruit plate.

The London Eye
The London Eye - This is the giant ferris wheel erected in honor of New Years Day 2000.

Houses of Parliament
Westminster Palace (the Houses of Parliament) and Big Ben - shot from the London Eye.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge (shot from the River Thames)

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
Another picture of Westminster Abbey

The Tower of London
The Tower of London

The British Museum
The British Museum

The Rosetta Stone
The Rosetta Stone

The Elgin Marbles
The Elgin Marbles (taken from the top of the Parthenon at the Acropolis in Athens by Lord Elgin).

Nereid Monument
The Nereid Monument. It is the largest and finest of the Lykian tombs found in Xanthos (south-west Turkey). It is named after the figures of the Nereids, daughters of the sea god Nereus, placed between the columns.


Khorsabad Figurine
A human-headed winged bull which guarded the gates to the citadel of the Assyrian king Sargon II (721-705 B.C.).

Order of the Garter
The oldest known representative of the Order of the Knights of the Garter.

Part of the "Cutting Edge" exhibit of Japanese Swords at the British Museum.

Sword and Dagger
Another katana and a dagger from the collection. Close to one hundred Kotō, Shintō, and Shinshintō blades were on display in four galleries.

One of two lion statues in the Great Court.

Egyptian Relief
An Egyptian Relief showing battle scenes and daily life at court.

Egyptian Bust
A bust of a minor Egyptian pharoah.

Sharon and Jen
Dinner at Don Luigi's Ristorante in SoHo. The lady in black is my friend Sharon. Next to her (in blue) is Jen. Yours truly is behind them, talking to Andy.

Eva and Amy
Eva and Amy hoist a pint at Ye Old Grapes Pub prior to heading to dinner.

Departing LHR
UA935 (a 777-222ER) departs London Heathrow for Los Angeles (LAX).

Suite 1A
Suite 1A on the 777-222ER. The best seat in the house.

Meal type: Lunch
(To Begin) Warm nuts with Roger Pol champagne.                (Appetizer) Crab cakes with chive cream sauce.        (Salad) Garden salad with Chinese sesame dressing.           (Entree) Filet mignon with custard stuffed pie.          (Desert) Häagen Dazs ice cream sundae

Meal type: Breakfast
Fresh fruit plate with creamy yogurt for breakfast